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Welcome to our site! READING INDIES celebrates some of the town centre’s best independent businesses and the hard-working heroes running them. From vintage clothing to the finest fish, tasty tipples and mouthwatering cakes, elegant menswear and a shop full of superheroes, Reading is packed with an eclectic range of delights – so let’s get shopping!... Continue Reading →

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A Perfect Blend

Football can be a great unifier. And in the case of The Tasting House’s newest addition - Anonymous Coffee, it had a key part to play. Anonymous’s Phil Carter said the idea was first mooted when he went to a Spurs football match with Tasting House’s Ciaran McErlean. “I was looking to start my own... Continue Reading →

All Bar None

For those who think of The Blagrave Arms as an exclusively gay pub, we’re here to tell you it’s not all drag queens, glitter and flouncing. The Blagrave has been trying to come out of the closet and shout about the fact it’s a gay-friendly pub and all are welcome. There is a difference. Says... Continue Reading →

Pride And Groom

A question for the lads. Is it enough these days to get an on-trend haircut then take the rusty nail clippers out occasionally for a tidy-up and ask the love in your life to trim any hairs sticking out of the neck of your shirt? Is that what grooming is about for 21st century Reading... Continue Reading →

Escape To Victory

Tucked away in the upper floors of a former Ministry of Food potato department are portals to new dimensions. No really. Devised by two ingenious former Reading University students, TimeTrap Escape Rooms invites you to immerse yourself in other worlds and solve conundrums to secure your return to 21st century Reading. If you’re unfamiliar with... Continue Reading →

Let’s Go Round Again

Certain things are often better second time around. The movie Inception, love, your second child (because you kind of know what you're doing with them, and you might understand the first one at last). So how are things for Andrew Norman, owner of Valpy Street Bar & Bistro, who had the same premises under the name... Continue Reading →

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